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Naomi Watts ... Rachel Keller
Simon Baker ... Max Rourke
David Dorfman ... Aidan Keller
Elizabeth Perkins ... Dr. Emma Temple
Gary Cole ... Martin Savide
Sissy Spacek ... Evelyn
Ryan Merriman ... Jake
Emily VanCamp ... Emily
Kelly Overton ... Betsy
James Lesure ... Doctor
Daveigh Chase ... Samara (archive footage)
Kelly Stables ... Evil Samara
Cooper Thornton ... Father of Emily
Marilyn McIntyre ... Mother of Emily
Jesse Burch ... Male Reporter
Michael Chieffo ... Printing Staff
Steven Petrarca ... Young Detective
Michael Dempsey ... Desk Sergeant
Kirk B.R. Woller ... Detective
Jeffrey Hutchinson ... Coroner Attendant
Chane't Johnson ... Adoption Counselor
Mary Joy ... Sister Elizabeth
Michelle Anne Johnson ... Nurse
Teri Bibb ... Head Nurse
Jill Farley ... Second Nurse
Aleksa Palladino ... Young Nurse
Victor McCay ... Desk Man
Brendan Quinlan ... Rental Car Owner
Brendan Tomlinson ... Father of Jake
Phyllis Lyons ... Mother of Jake
Mary Elizabeth Winstead ... Young Evelyn
Amy Haffner ... Young Sister Elizabeth
Ted Detwiler ... Cop #1
Stephen Holland ... Cop #2
Omer Stephens III ... Game Attendant
Jonathan Coburn ... Marble Man
Caitlin Mavromates ... Baby Samara

Directed by: Hideo Nakata
Written by: Hideo Nakata
Produced by: Laurie MacDonald, Walter F. Parkes, Mark Sourian

US: 18 MAR 2005
UK: 01 APRIL 2005

Rachel Keller moves with her son to Portland after the events in Seattle, but when a copy of the sinister videotape kills a boy and her son gets sick with an unexplained ailment, she has to dig deeper into the history of the girl that appears in the tape.
The addition of the excellent Spacek to the franchise can only add the the creep factor. Though it's inlikely that Ring 2 (like The Ring) will be a patch on Spacek's tour de force "Carrie" for creeps and horror. Ah well.

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NY Daily News/Seattle Post
New York Post/New York Times
USA Today/SF Chronic
E! Online/Hollywood Reporter
Boston Globe/Film Critic
Rolling Stone/Reel Reviews

"Is this the Head and Shoulders TV ad audition?"


"Watch The Tape" -- Jake (Ryan Merriman) realizes that he can't avoid death after watching the tape

"Samara Comes For Aidan" -- Aidan Keller (David Dorfman) is in danger once again when Samara finds him.

"Lost At The Fair" -- Rachel Keller (Naomi Watts) discovers Aidan (David Dorfman) acting strangely.

"Bathroom At Max's House" -- Rachel Keller (Naomi Watts) and Max Rourke (Simon Baker) fight to break into the bathroom where Aidan (David Dorfman) is in danger.

"It's Always Open" -- Rachel Keller (Naomi Watts) finds herself trapped in the well.


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