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Tuesday Dec 10, 2002


Hollywood's hottest stars braved the bitter cold on Monday night for the New York world premiere of Martin Scorsese's long-awaited flick 'Gangs of New York'.

Leonardo DiCaprio, elegantly attired in a dark pinstripe suit, arrived at the Ziegfeld Theatre to wild cheers of his screaming fans, who chanted 'Leo! Leo!'

Cameron Diaz, who plays DiCaprio's love interest, is reported as looking a knockout as she stepped out of her warm limo in a dark coat and black stiletto boots.

She was followed onto the red carpet by three co-stars: Daniel Day-Lewis, Liam Neeson and Henry Thomas, the little boy from 'E.T'. who's all grown up now and plays DiCaprio's best friend.

Next, Nicole Kidman and Naomi Campbell, also sashayed in.

John C. Reilly, who plays Happy Jack, noted the bone-chilling temperature in the mid-20s. 'I'm used to this weather. I'm from Chicago!' he said.

Also showing up to watch the R-rated historical drama about the vicious 19th-century gangs that ruled lower Manhattan's notorious Five Points section were rocker Billy Joel and U2's Bono, who wrote some of the score for 'Gangs'.

A beaming Scorsese, director of 'Raging Bull' and 'GoodFellas', said, 'I've been wanting to make this movie for 32 years. It's about the history of New York and also the country'.

Afterward, the celebrities partied into the night at the public library on Fifth Avenue.

A lot is riding on the success of the $125 million-plus Miramax movie, which opens Dec. 20 after more than a year of delays and bad press. There were reports of screaming matches between Scorsese and Miramax boss Harvey Weinstein.


"Harvey and I are still really good friends. Honest."

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