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AMANDA TAPPING...Major Samantha Carter
RICHARD DEAN ANDERSON...Colonel Jonathan "Jack" O'Neill
DON S. DAVIS...General George Hammond
TERYL ROTHERY...Doctor Janet Fraiser
CORIN NEMEC...Jonas Quinn
MICHAEL SHANKS...Doctor Daniel Jackson
Nightwalkers... 7/10
Jack is missing in this episode where a scientist is killed shortly after he phones Stargate Command. The remaining members of SG-1 investigate strange occurrences in Smalltown, USA and learn that the community has a dark hidden secret. Sort of like 'Night Of The Living Dead' meets 'The Bodysnatchers' as once again our brainiac beauty Major Samantha Carter shows the boys how it's done.

Abyss... 9/10
A stunning episode on every level - entertainment, philosophically, allegorically and thought-provokingly. Would win an Emmy if sci-fi ever won an Emmy, that is. Jack is captured by the Goa'uld who repeatedly torture him to death and then use the sarcophagus to revive him to start all over again. Knowing that his sanity and life is at stake, Jack thinks he might be beyond saving when Daniel Jackson appears to him in his cell but cannot intervene. But can Jack hold out long enough to be rescued by SG-1?

Shadowplay... 7/10
Dean Stockwell stars in this intriguing tale back on Jonas Quinn's home world. Stockwell plays a scientist who asks for help in stopping an impending war on their planet. SG-1 discovers that they are planning to use a weapon of mass destruction in a pre-emptive strike against their enemies, and must be stopped.

The Other Guys.... 9/10
Absolutely hilarious, exciting and inventive episode that proves Stargate's greatness. Clearly referencing Tom Stoppard's play and movie ' Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead'. In that, you remember, Stoppard took two minor characters from Shakespeare's Hamlet and spun the whole story around them being unable to deviate from their pre-ordained destiny.

This little gem features three of the Stargate backroom boys and makes them the heroes when our Fab Four are taken prisoner by a nasty Goa'uld who wants to do unspeakable things to them.

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