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Val Kilmer, Kate Bosworth, Christina Applegate, Lisa Kudrow, Dylan McDermott

Directed by: James Cox
Written by: James Cox, Captain Mauzner, Todd Samovitz, D. Loriston Scott, James Scott, George Furla
Produced by: Holly Wiersma, Randall Emmett, George Furla
Distributor: Lions Gate Films

US: 09 MARCH 2003 (LA/NY)
UK: 07 MAY 2004

True story of how porn star John Holmes (Kilmer) and his teenage girlfriend (Bosworth) became involved with a quadruple homicide that happened at a house on Wonderland Avenue in the Laurel Canyon neighborhood of Los Angeles in 1981. Rising to fame in the late 1960s and 1970s, Holmes became addicted to cocaine in 1978, which soon led him to be unable to function in porn films the way he used to, which led him to turn to drug running and theft to support his growing drug habit, often working for a drug kinpin who went by the name of Eddie Nash. Eventually owing Nash a fortune, Holmes reportedly got the idea of planning a robbery of Nash's own home, which nabbed cash and jewelry worth over $250,000. The problem, however... is that Nash reportedly figured out who was behind the crime, and forced Holmes to finger his accomplices, who were then murdered at the house on Wonderland Avenue on July 1st, 1981.
Can anything starring Val Kilner be all that bad... sorry, I mean good. The creepy one gets wood! And I don't just mean his acting. In case the plot sounds vaguely familiar, go rent Boogie Nights if you want to see the same story told better, with only the names changed to protect the guilty.

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