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Hugh Jackman, Kate Beckinsale, Samuel West, Richard Roxburgh, David Wenham, Will Kemp, Shuler Hensley, Elena Anaya, Silvia Colloca, Josie Maran, Kevin J. O'Connor

Directed by: Stephen Sommers
Written by: Stephen Sommers
Produced by: Bob Ducsay, Allen Daviau
Distributor: Universal Pictures

US: 07 MAY 2004
UK: 07 MAY 2004

The story reimagines the studio's monsters in a late Victorian drama set in the late 19th century. Famed Dracula and monster hunter Dr. Abraham Van Helsing is summoned to a mysterious land in East Europe to vanquish evil forces... evil forces with names like Count Dracula, the Wolf Man, and Frankenstein's Monster. Assisting him once he gets there is the beautiful Anna (Beckinsale), the heir of a long-running family committed to hunting down and destroying Dracula. The movie gets its start as Dr. Van Helsing is hunting down a mysterious monster called Mr. Hyde who has some sort of tie to a chemist, Dr. Jekyll...
I'm finding it hard to reimagine Van Helsing as anyone other than the late, great Peter Cushing. Though Jackman fresh from his mutant role as a Wolfy type man, now plays the guy hunting his mates. Should be a hoot, whatever.

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"Brides Attack"
"Carl Introduces Weapons To Van Helsing"
"Anna And Dracula Dance"
"Anna And Velkan Trap A Werewolf"
"We Don't Trust Strangers"
"I Am Hollow"
"It's A Bit Of Both"
"We've Overstayed Our Welcome"
"It's Carnivorous"




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