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Ashley Judd, Samuel L Jackson, Andy Garcia, D.W. Moffett, Mark Pellegrino

Directed by: Philip Kaufman
Written by:Philip Kaufman
Produced by:Barry Baeres, Anne Kopelson, Arnold Kopelson, Linne Radmin
Distributor:Paramount Pictures

US: 27 FEB 2004
UK: 09 JULY 2004

A female police officer (Judd), whose father was a serial killer, and is now investigating a murder finds herself the center of her own investigation when her past lovers start dying at a furious pace.
Just how many twists on the serial killer theme can be squeezed from the genre. This sounds depressingly like a blown up TV movie with added bigger stars. Judd should watch out as she seems to being typecast in this type of serial slash murder flick. Remember 'High Crimes', 'Eye of the Beholder', 'Double Jeopardy', and 'Kiss The Girls'?? To name just too many.

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"I'm playing your average homicide detective with those hard body top model looks"

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