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James Franco, Brenda Blethyn, Mena Suvari, Harry Dean Stanton, Josie Davis, Brenda Vaccaro

Directed by: Nicolas Cage
Written by: John Carlen
Distributor: Samuel Goldwyn Films

US: 27/12/02 UK: 00/TBA/03

Nic Cage's diectorial debut about a young man just discharged from the Army. He stops home to run-down, gothic New Orleansbefore heading off to make a name for himself. Mom's a Madame, struggling to keep her business alive as she herself fades. Before enlisting in the Army, handsome Sonny had been her star male prostitute. Mom wants Sonny back in her stable, turning tricks, while Sonny wants to leave her, and the life she represents, behind. When Sonny falls in love with Carol, the newest, freshest prostitute in Jewel's bordello, he is forced to make a choice: will he stay and live the life his mother demands, or will he stand up for his freedom and his love?

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James Franco helps Mena Suvari get a grip of her part

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