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Alexa Vega, Mika Boorem, Kallie Flynn Childress, Scout Taylor-Compton, Sam Huntington, Steve Carell, Eileen April Boylan, Jane Lynch, Brie Larson, Jeff Garlin, Sean Faris, Alice Greczyn, Hunter Parrish, Thad Luckinbill, Sara Paxton, Evan Peters, Katija Pevec, Johnny Sneed, Ryan Slattery, Shane Hunter, Douglas Smith, Mageina Tovah

Directed by: Joe Nussbaum
Written by: Elisa Bell
Produced by: Bob Cooper, Charles Weinstock
Distributor: MGM

US: 09 JULY 2004
UK: 00/TBA/2004

In the summer after 8th grade, with high school looming before them, four teenage girls (Vega, Boorem, Taylor-Compton, Childress) have a slumber party at Julie's (Vega) house which ends up being one of the most eventful nights of their lives thus far. The party becomes an adventure when they end up competing against a group of "popular girls" (Larson, Paxton) (with the prize being the cafeteria's "best" table) in an all-night scavenger hunt that sends them out into the city, "borrowing" Julie's dad's (Garlin) car, sneaking into clubs, having their first kisses and trying to do all this without Julie's mom (Lynch) knowing they even left the house.
The word sleep should be used rarely in movies to stop giving ideas to the audience. This sounds like another in the never-ending teen movies that roll off the production line. Fortunately for Hollywood, there's always a new generation of kids coming along to think this is all terribly original. Ho-hum. Youth is indeed wasted on the young.

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"Hello... Don't go there girlfriend... You like, sleep with a guy, then it's over!"

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