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VOICE STARS: Brad Pitt, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Christine Baranski, Joseph Fiennes, Michelle Pfeiffer

Directed by: Tim Johnson, Patrick Gilmore
Written by: John Logan
Produced by: Jeffrey Katzenberg, Mireille Soria, John Wells
Distributor: Dreamworks

US: 07/02/03
UK: 25/07/03

One of the many adventures of the famous Arabian sailor, Sinbad (Pitt) (which isn't one of the seven great voyages documented elsewhere). Eris (Pfeiffer), the goddess of Chaos, steals the "Book of Peace", and frames Sinbad for the crime. Setting out to prove his innocence (and save the life of his best friend, Proteus the Shapeshifter, voiced by Fiennes), Sinbad travels to the realm that Eris resides in, where he is challenged by terrifying monsters which include a giant scorpion, a giant serpent and the Roc, a 40-foot-tall bird made of ice and snow. Even if Sinbad can defeat all of these monsters, he also has to deal with the effects of Eris' golden "Apple of Discord", which has the ability to turn friends into enemies when thrown in their midst. Zeta-Jones plays Marina, Proteus' girlfriend, who stows away on Sinbad's ship to make sure that he fulfills his mission.
Shiver me timbers.

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"You're very animated today Sinbad"

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