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Paul Giamatti, Thomas Haden Church, Sandra Oh, Virginia Madsen, Marylouise Burke, Alysia Reiner, Missy Doty, Alex Kalognomos, Patrick Gallagher, Jessica Hecht, Joe Marinelli, M.C. Gainey

Directed by:Andrew Payne
Written by: Alexander Payne, Jim Taylor, Rex Pickett
Produced by: Michael London, Jay Cohen

US: 22 OCT 2004
UK: 28 JAN 2005

Miles Raymond, a failed writer and divorcé who teaches junior high school english takes his best friend, former hot actor Jack on a weeklong drive up to California's wine country. There they explore the nature of their failures and question their relationships. Jack, about to get married, has an affair with a woman and wonders whether he should call off his wedding. Miles questions whether or not he made the right choice while trying to form a relationship with the woman's best friend, a fellow onephile who is a waitress at a restaurant that he frequents often when visiting that part of the country. .
You don't need a nose to know this sounds like a fine follow up to Payne's other drollers... "Election" and "About Schmidt".

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"Screw wine... you never said this was a remake of Chinatown"

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"Here's To A Great Week" -- Before Jack's (Thomas Haden Church) wedding, Miles (Paul Giamatti) takes him on a vacation. (Thomas Haden Church)

"I Need To Be Spanked" -- Miles (Paul Giamatti) and Jack (Thomas Haden Church) taste wine with Stephanie (Sandra Oh).

"Are You Chewing Gum?" -- Miles (Paul Giamatti) teaches Jack (Thomas Haden Church) how to taste wine properly.

"Windmill" -- Miles (Paul Giamatti) and Jack (Thomas Haden Church) catch up with Maya (Virginia Madsen), an old friend.

"I'm Not Drinking Merlot" -- Jack (Thomas Haden Church) attempts to calm down Miles (Paul Giamatti) before a date.

"What's Your Novel About?" -- Covering up a lie, Miles (Paul Giamatti) tries to explain his novel to Maya (Virginia Madsen).

"This Is Going To Be Fun" -- Jack (Thomas Haden Church) and Miles (Paul Giamatti) become hostile on the golf course


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