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Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, John Lithgow, John Cleese, Julie Andrews, Antonio Banderas, Jennifer Saunders

Directed by: Conrad Vernon, Kelly Asbury
Written by: J. David Stem, Joe Stillman, David N. Weiss, Jeffrey Katzenberg
Produced by: Jeffrey Katzenberg, Aron Warner
Distributor: DreamWorks Pictures

US: 21 MAY 2004
UK: 02 JULY 2004

Picking up exactly where the first movie left off, this movie takes us to the kingdom of Far, Far Away as Shrek and Fiona return to her homeland to tell her parents (Cleese, Andrews) the good news. So after returning from their honeymoon and showing "home movies" to their friends, Shrek and Fiona learn Fiona's parents have heard their daughter has married her true love and wish to meet the husband and invite him to their kingdom, called Far Far Away.

The catch? Fiona's parents are unaware of the curse that struck their daughter and assumed she married Prince Charming so are a bit shocked to learn their son-in-law is a 700-pound ogre with horrible hygeine and friends with a talking donkeyNot everyone is happy to find her married to an ogre, with the most irate in this group being Prince Charming (Everett), who was supposed to be the one who lifted Fiona's curse. We're also introduced to the mysterious Fairy Godmother (Saunders), and a bar called the Poison Apple, where the villains of the fairy tale world hang out, including the great ogre-slayer, Puss-in-Boots (Banderas)..
When is Myers going to drop the crappy Scots accent he's used in a few flicks and adopt the accent of his forefathers? Scouse! That's a Liverpool accent like the Beatles.. for the uninitated.

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