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Jamie Foxx, Regina King, Kerry Washington, Richard Schiff, Aunjanue Ellis, Curtis Armstrong, Larenz Tate, David Krumholtz, Patrick Bauchau, Rick Gomez, Bokeem Woodbine, Kurt Fuller, Harry J. Lennix, Robert Wisdom, Sharon Warren, C.J. Sanders, Terrence Dashon Howard, Ralph Tresvant, Sharron Warren, Chris Thomas King, Denise Y. Dowse, Afemo Omilami, Elizabeth Omilami, Julian Bond, Clifton Powell, Tequan Richmond, Thomas Jefferson Byrd, Warwick Daviss

Directed by: Taylor Hackford
Written by: James L. White, Taylor Hackford
Produced by: Stuart Benjamin, Howard Baldwin, Karen Baldwin
Distributor:Universal Pictures

US: 29 OCT 2004
UK: 21 JAN 2005

Ray is the musical biographical drama of American legend Ray Charles. Born in a poor town in Georgia, Ray Charles went blind at the age of seven shortly after witnessing his younger brother's accidental death. Inspired by a fiercely independent mother who insisted he make his own way in the world, Charles found his calling and his gift behind a piano keyboard. Touring across the Southern musical circuit, the soulful singer gained a reputation and then exploded with worldwide fame when he pioneered incorporating gospel, country, jazz and orchestral influences into his inimitable style. As he revolutionized the way people appreciated music, he simultaneously fought segregation in the very clubs that launched him and championed artists' rights within the corporate music business. "Ray" provides an portrait of Charles' musical genius as he overcomes drug addiction while transforming into one of this country's most beloved performers.
Is it inappropriate to call a movie about Ray Charles "must see"? Well it is. Sounds like a thrilling biopic of a great artist, a great man and a great American. Great cast that hopefully does Ray proud. Expect Oscar buzz for Jaimie Foxx who by all accounts turns in a stellar performance as our eponymous hero,

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"That's Sacrilegious!" -- Bea Charles (Kerry Washington) doesn't approve of Ray's (JamieFoxx) new song.T

"You Got A Problem?" -- Ray Charles (Jamie Foxx) is confronted by an angry couple while playing at a local club.

"The Raelettes" -- Margie Hendrix (Regina King) negotiates a deal for the Raelettes to join Ray Charles' (Jamie Foxx) band.

"Ray Performs A New Song" -- When Ray Charles (Jamie Foxx) runs out of songs, he improvises "What I'd Say" to finish his set.

"Ray Leaves Atlantic Records" -- Atlantic Records representatives Ahmet Ertegun (Curtis Armstrong) and Jerry Wexler (Richard Schiff) fail to match ABC's offer to Ray Charles (Jamie Foxx).
"Georgia" -- Ray Charles (Jamie Foxx) performs "Georgia On My Mind" with an orchestra.

"Hit The Road Jack" -- After an argument, Ray Charles (Jamie Foxx) and Margie Hendrix (Regina King) write "Hit The Road Jack.

"I Don't Want To Be Alone" -- Bea Charles (Kerry Washington) confronts husband Ray (Jamie Foxx) about his drug use.



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