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Amy Brenneman ... Adult Bo
Valentina de Angelis ... Young Bo
Joan Allen ... Arlene
Sam Elliott ... Charley
J.K. Simmons ... George
J.D. Garfield ... Romero
Jim True-Frost ... William Gibbs
Matthew E. Montoya ... Store Clerk
Timothy Martinez ... Priest
J.D. Hawkins ... Jack

Directed by: Campbell Scott
Written by: Joan Ackermann
Produced by: Campbell Scott
Distributor: Holedigger Studios

US: 11 MAR 2005
UK: 00 TBA 2005

It's 1974 and the harshly beautiful wilds of Taos are home to 11-year-old Bo Groden (Valentina de Angelis) and her free-thinking family. While constantly yearning for escape from her sparse environment, Bo passes the time with flair and imagination. She's a crack shot with a rifle and a bow and arrow, an artful plunderer of wallets and briefcases, and the compelling mistress of ceremonies for a moonlit three-ring circus of her own invention. Bo's home is an entrancing, challenging place that she will one day transcend to become the woman she was destined to be. Arlene (Joan Allen), Bo's warm, earthy, and eccentric mother, raises most of the family's food in her vegetable garden -- which she prefers to tend in the nude. Meanwhile, Bo's father, Charley (Sam Elliott), the embodiment of Old West masculinity, is losing the battle with his inner demons. When William Gibbs (Jim True-Frost) arrives, a hapless IRS agent with demons of his own, he soon proves to be a catalyst in the lives of the family during this watershed summer. Embraced by the Grodens' idyllic, peculiar world, Gibbs eventually abandons an investigation into the Groden's tax history and realizes he has fallen in love with both the place and its people. In a surge of creative energy, Gibbs dips a brush in paint and pours his feelings out on canvas, discovering a long hidden talent for artistic expression. The Grodens, too, make their own discoveries over the course of this memorable season -- the mysteries of love and loss, the power of family unity, and the eternal truth that in New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment, anything is possible.
You shake it to the left, you shake to the left., you do the hippy shake shake with all your might. For goodness sake... if you want to see the Hippies monument, look around. But Hollywood loves hippies. Wasn't Manson a hippy?

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