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Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen, Eugene Levy, Andy Richter, Darrell Hammond, Andrea Martin, Jared Padalecki, Riley Smith, Ken Bernard, Mary Bond Davis, Drew Pinsky, Jack Osbourne, Dr. Drew

Directed by: Dennie Gordon
Written by: Emily Fox, Adam Cooper, William Collage
Produced by:
Distributor: Warner Bros.

US: 07 MAY 2004
UK: 30 JULY 2004

Follows one monumental day in the lives of 17-year-old sisters Jane and Roxanne Ryan, adversaries who begrudgingly journey together from their Long Island home to New York City, where meticulously prepared overachiever Jane (Ashley) is due to deliver a speech to qualify for a prestigious college scholarship abroad. Meanwhile, laid-back punk rock rebel Roxy (Mary-Kate) hopes to get backstage at an underground music video shoot and slip her demo tape to the band. But Roxy’s and Jane’s plans go wildly awry when a mix-up involving Jane’s precious day planner lands them in the middle of a shady black market transaction. Pursued by an overzealous truant officer (Eugene Levy) and accused of kidnapping a Senator’s dog, the Ryans must find a way to work together to thwart the forces threatening to jeopardize Jane’s college dreams and ship Roxy off to a convent school.
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