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MR 3000

Bernie Mac, Angela Bassett, Evan Jones, Amaury Nolasco, Chris Noth, Michael Rispoli, Paul Sorvino, Dondre T. Whitfield, Brian White, Scott Brooks, Jaqueline Fleming, Ian Anthony Dale

Directed by: Charles Stone III
Written by: Eric Champnella, Keith Mitchell
Produced by: Jonathan Glickman, Frank Marshall, Steve Greener, Tim Bourne

US: 17 SEPT 2004
UK: 00 TBA 2004

Seven years ago, a vain and jaded baseball star (Bernie Mac) retired from the sport as soon as achieving his 3,000th base hit, and his place within the select group who have achieved that distinction. Now, however, after three of those hits during his time with the Milwaukee Brewers have been disqualified, the Hall of Famer returns to the game, playing once again for the Brewers, to play a few more games and get back to the 3,000 mark, but along the way, he discovers that the experience renews his love for the sport, reminding him what it was like to be a young boy obsessed with the game, as he finds himself imparting some of this knowledge to a young rookie he mentors.
Yet another baseball movie - will this one strike out or clear the park? I'm English, so who cares.

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