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Lindsay Lohan, Tina Fey, Jonathan Bennett , Lizzy Caplan, Ana Gasteye

Directed by:Mark S. Waters
Written by: Tina Fey
Produced by: Lorne Michaels
Distributor: Paramount

US: 30 APRIL 2004
UK: 18 JUNE 2004

A teenage girl, Cady (Lohan), who has been away on safari with her parents, arrives at a new high school in Illinois, where she is accepted into a A-list clique of girlfriends (McAdams, Chabert, others). When she attracts the interest of the ex-boyfriend (Bennett) of one of her new friends, however, she is marked for punishment by the rules of the clique, which uses practices like nasty gossip, banishment from their lunch table, three-way calling (conversations between two people with a third person secretly listening in), cruel Internet messages and "the silent treatment" to get their point across. Soon, Cady finds herself using the same tactics in retaliation against her so-called friends...
This is, like, you know, so OVER and over used as a plot device. Purleeeeese, insert your own cliched YOOF dialogue. This is the CLUELESS estrogen versions of the frat house movies - and it has the female Saturday Night Live connection.

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"Err, HELLOO, did you not watch Clueless as to how teenage girls talk n bitch to each other in Valley speak"

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