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Kathy Bates, Holly Hunter, Brittany Murphy, Julianne Nicholson

Directed by: Nick Hurran
Written by: Melissa Carter, Elisa Bell
Produced by: Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, Rachael Horovitz, Deborah Schindler, William Sherak, Jason Shuman
Distributor: Revolution Studios (Sony)

US: 06 AUG 2004
UK: 29 OCT 2004

An associate producer (Murphy) for a daytime talk show, whose boyfriend is "commitment-phobic", sneaks into his Palm Pilot and starts interviewing all of his old girlfriends (under the false pretenses that it has to do with the show) to find out why his relationships didn't work in the past, and to find out if he's worth her trust over the long haul. Her plan goes awry, however, when she becomes friends with one of them, and she must reveal who she really is...
Stars the multi-talented and rising Blonde Brittany Murphy. Could be a one-gag movie, Though with the likes of Kathy Bates and Holly Hunter on board, will have a lot of class. Sad to think that not so long ago, Hunter was herself playing the Murphy role. In fact she actually did play the role in Broadcast News!

11 Nov/Moviebus: Murphy attached to star as a singleton in "Boyfriend in a Box".

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