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Joan Cusack ... Joan Carlyle
Kim Cattrall ... Tina Harwood
Michelle Trachtenberg ... Casey Carlyle
Hayden Panettiere ... Gen Harwood
Trevor Blumas ... Teddy Harwood
Connie Ray ... Nikki's Mom
Kirsten Olson ... Nikki
Juliana Cannarozzo ... Zoe Bloch
Jocelyn Lai ... Tiffany
Michelle Kwan ... Herself
Brian Boitano ... Himself
Steve Ross ... Mr. Bast
Paul Sun-Hyung Lee ... Tiffany's Dad
Roy Bradshaw ... Tiffany's Coach
Mark Hird ... Nikki's Coach
Ben Gilbank ... Brian
Thanh Nguyen ... Hot Dog Kid
Cole Campbell ... Rink Kid
Brandon Lajko ... Rink Kid
Jesse Primosig ... Rink Kid
Colleen Collins ... Lily
Andrea Tou ... Devon
Jordan Hockley ... Jeremy
Charmaine Hamp ... Jeremy's Mom
Laura Aloisio ... Snowplow Sam
Amanda Leela ... Snowplow Sam
Emma Nielsen ... Snowplow Sam
Melissa Shears ... Snowplow Sam
Kaci Brandt ... Snowplow Sam
Edrea Khong ... Snowplow Sam
Alexandra Najarro ... Snowplow Sam
Chantal Desforge ... Harvard Physics Student
Diego Klattenhoff ... Kyle Dayton
Joey Racki ... Zipline Guy
Courtney Hawkrigg ... Mean Party Girl
Mandy Butcher ... Mean Party Girl
Martha MacIsaac ... Mean Party Girl
Sean Persaud ... DJ
Stephanie Hutchison ... Ballet Teacher
Flo Umphrey ... Piano Teacher
Debbi Wilkes ... Zoey's Coach
Jennifer Gelfer ... Skate Saleswoman
Erik King ... Chip Healey
Shanique Ollivierre-Lake ... Chantal Degroat
Michele Moore ... Near-Miss Skater
Signe Ronka ... Emma Flanders
Sean Croft ... Joan's Student
Kevin Jubinville ... Reporter
Andrew Dow ... Party Guy
Andrew Butcher ... Party Guy
Mathieu Ledoux ... Party Guy
Knickoy Robinson ... Party Guy
Andrew Mackay ... Party Guy

Directed by: Tim Fywell
Written by: Hadley Davis, Meg Cabot
Produced by: Bridget Johnson
Distributor: Walt Disney Pictures

US: 18 MARCH 2005
UK: 00 TBA 2005

Brainy Casey Carlyle (Michelle Trachtenberg) has never quite fit in. Caught between her fantasy of becoming a championship figure skater and her strong-willed mother (Joan Cusack), who has her on the fast track to Harvard, she can only hope to be like Nikki, Tiffany and Gen (Hayden Panettiere) - three elite skating prodigies who are ruthlessly competing on the US National circuit (and have attitudes to match). But when Casey gets the chance to train with Gen and her coach, a disgraced former skating champion who also happens to be Gen's mother (Kim Cattrall), she must dash her own mother's hopes in order to pursue her dream. Now, with only the support of Gen's teenage brother, a hunky Zamboni driver (Trevor Blumas), Casey takes on the challenge of her life when she finds herself competing against the best to make it into the championship circuit and become a real "ice princess."
Fantasy fare for millions of pre-teens and teenage girls. Trachenberg is of course an teen acting prodigy - as anyone who admired her great work as Buffy's kid sister will attest.

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"You Have A Life" -- Gen Harwood (Hayden Panettiere) tries to explain to Casey Carlyle (Michelle Trachtenberg) there is more to life than skating.

"It's Not The Computer" -- Casey Carlyle (Michelle Trachtenberg) helps Gen Harwood's (Hayden Panettiere) skating by doing some research.

"Psyche Out" -- Gen Harwood (Hayden Panettiere) attempts to help Casey Carlyle (Michelle Trachtenberg) remain focused before her skating debut.

"I Want You To Coach Me" -- Casey Carlyle (Michelle Trachtenberg) tries to convince Tina Harwood (Kim Catrall) to coach her.


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