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Anthony Hopkins, Nicole Kidman, Gary Sinise, Ed Harris, Jacinda Barrett

Directed by: Robert Benton
Written by: Nicholas Meyer
Produced by:

US: 09/26/03
UK: 23/01/04

Based on the novel by Philip Roth... the story of Coleman Silk (Anthony Hopkins), a distinguished professor at a prestigious New England college whose professional life is shattered by allegations of racism and whose personal life is infected with the cancer of a lie he has been living for fifty years. His career and reputation in ruin, Silk begins a dynamic resurrection through two new relationships: one, a friendship with the writer Nathan Zuckerman (Gary Sinise) whom he intrigues with his story, the other a scandalous affair with a young woman (Nicole Kidman).
The novel was claimed to be a satire on the Clinton affair (Stain, Dress, Lewinsky, geddit) It is, in fact, a savage dissection of the utter corruption of Political Correctness and the 'Race' industry. Unfortunately remarkable, complex, subtle novels rarely translate well to the screen. It will be interesting to see whether the vicious politics of the "left" in the novel are shown on screen.
The Trailer is already indicating that the central theme of the novel is gone. The main character being accused of making a so-called racist remark in a class he is teaching. The novel's ending was also incredibly depressing and shocking. Again - will this survive?

'Grumpy Hopkins debuts "Stain" in venice

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