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Mike Myers, Beyonce Knowles, Michael Caine, Michael York, Seth Green

Directed by: Jay Roach
Written by: Mike Myers, Michael McCullers
Produced by: John Lyons, Eric McLeod, Demi Moore, Eric McLoed, Mike Myers, Jennifer Todd, Suzanne Todd, Jay Roach
Distributor: New Line Cinema,

US: 14/07/02 UK: 27/07/02

Powers is back as the dentally challenged English superspy in a time-travelling adventure that reunites all the characters we love - and hate: Fat Bastard. This time Dr. Evil has competition as the villain from Goldmember. The dutchman is so named because of an unfortunate smelting accident with his wedding tackle.



Boston Globe / Chicago Sun -Times
/ LA Times
New York Post / New York Times
USA Today / Washington Post

"Would you like to see my piles baby... of money, that it"

Austin is back, baby. And after the spoof-of-the-spoof second film, he's back on track here.

The opening scene is a hilarious pastiche of M:I-2 complete with John Woo action and more cameos than you can keep track of. Then we're down to business as Austin (Myers) must face off once again with his arch nemesis Dr Evil (Myers again), who has now teamed up with the Dutch metallurgist Goldmember (an unrecognizable Myers) on a fiendish plot.

Dr Evil is again surrounded by his cronies; sulky son Scott (Green) is trying to be more sinister so he can regain his place in Daddy's affections after the arrival of favored "son" Mini-Me (Troyer). Meanwhile, Austin must travel back in time to the disco '70s to rescue his estranged, kidnapped father (Caine) and collect leggy babe Foxxy Cleopatra (Knowles) before returning to the present to save the planet.

Yeah, whatever! The story makes little sense, but it's such an ingenious play on James Bond plots that every twist makes us laugh out loud. Combine this with a constant stream of outrageous humour--subtle gags, broad slapstick, goofy dialog, wacky characters, intelligent wit--that, admittedly, is of the smut variety.

Yes, the film strains at the seams with hilariously vulgar innuendo. But there's a huge leap in production values after the cheap and cheerful Part 2. This one has great effects, lushly detailed production design, elaborate musical numbers and massive stunts galore. Not to mention all those A-list cameos. Myers is terrific, as usual. Austin seems a bit restrained this time, probably because he has to share screen time with so many other people now!

But Myers' side characters are emerging with lives of their own (his Fat Bastard even makes an appearance). And the other actors shine around him, each of them gleefully seizing the opportunity to steal scenes and make the most of their characters. All of whom are, of course, set up for Part 4. Green and Troyer are the standouts as bickering "siblings", and Savage has a very silly turn as Dr Evil's Number Three, who's actually a mole for the good guys. If you've seen the film you're giggling now. Just admit it!



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