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Elisha Cuthbert, Timothy Olyphant, Paul Franklin Dano, Christopher George Marquette, Autumn Reeser, Laird Stuart, Amanda Swisten, Sung Hi Lee, Olivia Wilde

Directed by: Luke Greenfield
Written by: David Wagner, Stuart Blumberg, Brent Goldberg
Produced by: Charles Gordon, Harry Gittes, Marc Sternberg
Distributor: 20th Century Fox

US: 09 APRIL 2004
UK: 16 APRIL 2004

An ambitious high school senior, Matthew (Hirsch), with dreams of a career in politics is overjoyed to discover that his new neighbor, 19-year-old Danielle (Cuthbert), is absolutely beautiful, and they fall in love quickly, head over heels. Their relationship is put to the test, however when he discovers (along with the rest of the town, eventually) that she used to be a... porn star.
About as different as it's possible for Elisha Cuthbert to go from her dopey Kim character in "24". Has all the ingrediants of the classic rom-com - only spicier than usual!

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