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Jamie Lee Curtis, Lindsay Lohan, Mark Harmon, Chad Murray, Stephen Tobolowsky

Directed by: Mark S. Waters
Written by: Heather Hach, Mary Rogers - original novel & screenplay
Distributor: Walt Disney

US: 08/06/03
UK: 19/12/03

Dr. Tess Coleman (Jamie Lee Curtis) and her fifteen-year-old daughter, Anna (Lindsay Lohan), are not getting along. They don't see eye-to-eye on clothes, hair, music, and certainly not in each other's taste in men. One Thursday evening, their disagreements reach a fever pitch - Anna is incensed that her mother doesn't support her musical aspirations and Tess, a widow about to remarry, can't see why Anna won't give her fiance (Mark Harmon) a break. Everything soon changes when two identical Chinese fortune cookies cause a little mystic mayhem. The next morning, their Friday gets freaky when Tess and Anna find themselves inside the wrong bodies. As they literally walk a mile in each other's shoes, they gain a little newfound respect for the other's point of view. But with Tess's wedding coming on Saturday, the two have to find a way to switch back - and fast.
This is the 3rd time in recent memory this has been made - all with the same title. A certain Jodie Foster was the kid in the 1976 original movie. It was also remade for TV in 1994 with Gaby Hoffman in the role now taken by rising star Alison Lohman.

Consider this though... we now live in the time of the perpetual teenager. Unlike 1976, when there was a massive gap between kids and parents, today they seem identical. Music, attitutdes, etc.. it all sounds the same. In reality the 'mom' would have been brought up on teenage angst, rebellion and the Sex Pistols. So will it be that funny to see a her catapulted back into all that?

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