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Michelle Trachtenberg, Scott Mechlowicz, Jacob Pitts, Travis Wester, Matt Damon, Vinnie Jones, Kristin Kreuk, Lucy Lawless, Joanna Lumley

Directed by:Alec Berg, David Mandel, Jeff Schaffer
Written by: Alec Berg & David Mandel & Jeff Schaffer
Produced by: Joe Medjuck, Tom Pollock, Ivan Reitman
Distributor: DreamWorks

US: 02/20/04
UK: 25 JUNE 2004

When Scotty's German online pen pal suggests they meet for a bit of hot lovin, he freaks out. Mainly cos he thinks she's guy! So were not dealing with Harvard material here - or maybe we are. Anyhow, he discovers that awful truth! That she's actually a babe and gorgeous. So he heads out with three friends after graduation to meet her. As they travel across Europe, the four friends have comical misadventures.
Another generation discovers the delights of a coming of age slash Road movie. The good news is that Trachtanberg's a right little powerhouse of excellent acting and great comic timing, as anyone who admired her stint in Buffy can testify. The trailers's very funny. Worth a look. No Americans were harmed in writing this short piece.

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"Hey Michelle, how come you never did THAT in Buffy??"



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