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John Leguizamo, Delilah Cotto, Denise Richards, Peter Sarsgaard, Sonia Braga, Isabella Rossellini

Directed by: Franc. Reyes
Written by: Franc. Reyes
Produced by: Daniel Bigel, Michael Mailer

US: 06/12/02 UK: 00/tba/03

Victor Rosa (John Leguizamo) sees himself as a streetwise hustler businessman on par with Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Gates. He runs a successful "street pharmaceutical" business that peddles a heroin mix he has named Empire. His beautiful fiancée, Carmen, a Baruch College student, befriends a classmate with an investment-banker boyfriend, Jack Wimmer. Victor meets Jack, and they instantly connect. Both are hard-core businessmen from two different sides of the legal fence. When Jack offers Victor a piece of the action on the stock market, he sees his ticket out of the violent streets of the South Bronx and jumps at the opportunity. But there is a bigger price to be paid than clean money for his gorgeous new Soho lifestyle. For the first time, Victor is confronted with a price tag that he will find difficult to pay.
The anti-Wall Street.

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Delilah Cotto admires John Leguizamo chest jewelry

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