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Charles Busch, Natasha Lyonne, Jason Priestley, Philip Baker Hall, Frances Conroy, Sara Gilbert, Stanley DeSantis, Victor Raider-Wexler, Jason Segel, Paul Vinson, Stark Sands

Directed by: Mark Rucker
Written by: Charles Busch
Produced by:

US: 10/29/03
UK: 00/TBA/04

Set in 1967, this is the story of a singer, Angela Arden (Busch) with a troubled past, who is faced with the distinct possibility that she's washed up and is a has-been, as several conspiracies of murder swirl throughout her household. The principal players are Edith (Lyonne), Angela's horny and conspiring daughter; Sol (Hall), Angela's husband and producer who cast her in a dud long ago that helped end her career; and handsome actor Tony Parker (Priestley), with whom Angela wants to run away with, but Sol won't grant her a divorce.

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"Square From Squaresville"
"Give Us All A Thrill"
"Ride The Painted Pony"
"Percy Wouldn't Mind"
"Who Are You Tony Parker?"
"You're A Rotten Liar"
"There Were Eight Of Them"
"Hypnotic Spell"
"You Never Fooled Me"



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