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Rhys Ifans, Miranda Otto, Justine Clarke, Andrew Crabbe, Rhys Muldoon, Drew Batchelor,
John Batchelor

Directed by: Jeff Balsmeyer
Written by: Jeff Balsmeyer
Produced by: Howard L. Baldwin, Karen Baldwin, Carol Hughes

US: 13 AUG 2004
UK: 00/TBA/2004

An Australian cement truck driver, Danny (Ifans), decides to try to escape his life in the drabness of the city after a fight with his girlfriend (Clarke) prevents him from taking a long-awaited vacation. Tying large helium-filled balloons to his deckchair (that's a lawn chair, for all you non-Brits and non-Aussies), Danny sails away into the sky, where a surprise thunderstorm sends him hurtling out over the Outback, eventually finding a small town to settle down in incognito, while the media whips itself into a flurry about his disappearance. Reinventing himself in the small northern town of Clarence, Danny soon falls in love with the town's only parking cop, Glenda (Otto).
Cement truck drivers and balloons, sort of makes me think this is comedy that lands with an extreme thud. Basic stuff. Maybe you like that.

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