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Portia de Rossi ... Zela
Mya ... Jenny
Shannon Elizabeth ... Becky
Solar ... Zipper
Daniel Mora¹ ... Jose
Kristina Anapau ... Brooke
Jesse Eisenberg ... Jimmy
Milo Ventimiglia ... Bo
Jonny Acker ... Earl
Eric Ladin ... Louie
Christina Ricci ... Ellie
Joshua Jackson ... Jake
Derek Mears ... Werewolf
Nick Offerman ... Officer
Michael Rosenbaum ... Kyle
Ken Rudolph ... Newscaster
Judy Greer ... Joanie
Michelle Krusiec ... Nosebleed Co-worker
Scott Baio ... Himself
Shashawnee Hall ... Wrestling Coach
Craig Kilborn ... Himself
Emily O'Deile ... Co-Worker
Egan Friedlander ... Bouncer
Lance Bass¹ ... Himself
Randolph Le Roi¹ ... Randy
Brian Boone ... Frantic Bouncer
Gary Dubin ... Police Officer #1
Chris Johnson¹ ... Police Officer #2
Wilmer Calderon ... Police Officer #3
Brett Rickaby ... Animal Control Officer

Directed by: Wes Craven
Written by: Wes Craven
Produced by: Marianne Maddalena
Kevin Williamson
Distributor: Dimension Films

US: 25 FEB 2005
UK: 22 APRIL 2005

An estranged brother and sister living in Los Angeles, mourning the recent loss of their parents, are brought together by a savage werewolf attack, forcing them to fight for survival, against both the beast and the dangers of its virulent curse.
Williams and Craven... the team that raised the bar with their Teen Scream trilogy in the mid to late 90s. Now they relaese a flick that's been sitting on the shelf for a couple of years. And which didn't seem to be let out by the studio for preview by the lame street media critics. This does not bode well for an American Werewolf in LA story.

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"I have the curse.
But it'll go in a couple of days "

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"Love Bite" -- Ellie (Christina Ricci) gives Jake (Joshua Jackson) more than a kiss



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