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Edward Burns, Andy Garcia, Paul Giamatti, Dustin Hoffman, Rachel Weisz

Directed by: James Foley
Written by: Doug Jung
Produced by: Michael Paseornek, Michael Ohoven, Michael Burns
Distributor: Lions Gate Films

US: 04/25/03
UK: 22/08/03

A con man (Burns) whose latest scam puts him in debt with the mafia, when it turns out that his victim, an accountant, is a *mob* accountant, leading the kingpin (Hoffman) to hire an enforcer (G.) to shadow his every move, even as the con man and his crew work to pull off another scam for the mob to pay off the debt completely before they come collecting.
Rachel Weisz's bid for world domination continues, She has about 5 major flicks out this year. Each one a different showcase for her mesmorizing combination of brains and beauty - including the much anticipated Shape of Things from Neil LaBute. The reason I go gaga and mention her first in a superb cast, is that she's the only thing you'll be looking at when she's on screen. Sounds great.

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"Dustin Hoffman has confidence that English actress Rachel Weisz is a total babe slash brainiac

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