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Michael Caine, Glenne Headly, Josh Lucas, Christopher Walken, Jonah Babo

Directed by: Jordan Roberts
Written by: Jordan Roberts
Produced by: Mark Gill, Mark Gordon, Julie Kirkham, Elliott Lewitt, Bob Yari
Distributor: Warner Independent Pictures

US: 08 OCT 2004
UK: 00/TBA/05

Four generations of men who haven't seen each other in years are suddenly brought together by the chance to uncover the truth about their family's past. It's a journey that takes them out on the road to a world full of surprises - some comic, some dramatic, and all of them personal.
Sounds a bit like a Caine flick from a couple of years ago, 'Last Orders'. That's about a group of pals who haven't seen each other for years, They take journey.ahh. One amusing thing to watch is the 71 year old Caine playing 61 year old Walken's father!

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"Resurrected" -- After being away for a long time, Turner Lair (Christopher Walken) visits his son Jason (Josh Lucas).

"I'm The Vegetarian" -- Jason Lair (Josh Lucas) doesn't want to share a meal with his father Turner (Christopher Walken).

"Want Coffee?" -- Turner Lair (Christopher Walken) explains the virtues of coffee to Jason.

"One Last Trip" -- Henry Lair (Michael Caine) tries to convince grandson Jason to go on a family trip.

"Fathers And Boyfriends Too" -- Katrina (Glenne Headly) misses Turner (Christopher Walken).

"Doing It For Henry" -- Turner Lair (Christopher Walken) tries to explain to his son Jason (Josh Lucas) why they are on the road.

"Listen Loud" -- Regretting every moment of the trip, Jason Lair (Josh Lucas) disapproves of the volume of the radio.

"You Called Me Tense" -- Jason (Josh Lucas) and his father Turner Lair (Christopher Walken) have a confrontation on the side of the road.

"Cell Phone Toss" -- Turner Lair (Christopher Walken) decides he doesn't need a cell phone anymore while driving through the country.



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