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Raoul Bova, Colin Salmon, Lance Henriksen, Charles Weyland, Ewen Bremner, Graham Miller, Sanaa Lathan, Alexa Woods, Tom Woodruff Jr.

Directed by: Paul W.S. Anderson
Written by: Paul W.S. Anderson, Shane Salerno
Produced by: John Davis, Lawrence Gordonm, Walter Hill, Joel Silver
Distributor: 20th Century Fox Film Corporation

US: 13 AUG 2004
UK: 22 OCT 2004

Set in the early 21st century (ie, now), this movie follows a team of drillers, scientists and archaeologists led by a billionaire industrialist (Henriksen) who travel to Antarctica to investigate ancient pyramid ruins buried deep beneath the ice which predate those in Egypt and Mexico, suggesting they were once the home of a great empire that ruled over the Earth first. When they finally reach one of the pyramids, however, they discover human skeletons and fossilized remains of alien creatures that appear to hug faces and burst out of chests (wink wink), along with evidence that such aliens may still be alive somewhere in the ruins. The danger below them is frightening, but what the scientists also don't know is that something as dangerous lurks above them, happy to have had someone uncover the Aliens: a group of five teenage Predators, following a tradition wherein young Predators come to Earth every thousand years to go through their hunting rituals to reach manhood (or die horribly). The humans on the scene have to just hope they don't join them...
Is this just a cynical marketing exercise to meld the two best "alien" franchises ever? Maybe not. The plot actually makes sense in the invented universes of both creatures. Especially as in Predator 2, the creature had a trophy skull of the Alien on his shelf! Setting it in today's timeline seems a clever move in enabling both franchises to return intacto. Expect Ripley to kick butt in Alien 6. And don't forget that Lance Henriksen (playing a billionaire industrialist) was also the paranoid android in Aliens, so setting an intruiging posibility of a storyline strand on why the android looked like him? Well intriuging for those who get off on such arcane minutia!

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"Alien or Predator....
Who'll finally end up on top?"

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