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James Cameron

Directed by:James Cameron
Written by: James Cameron
Produced by: James Cameron
Distributor:Walt Disney Pictures

US: 28 JAN 2005 (IMAX)
UK: 00 TBA 2005

Director James Cameron takes 3D IMAX cameras back under water, this time to the Mid-Ocean Ridge, a submerged chain of mountains that winds 46,000 miles around the globe. These vents spew constant clouds of super-heated water, creating active hydrothermal vent communities that team with life. The creatures are abundant and very strange, including 6-foot tall worms with blood-red plumes, white crabs, and a biomass of blind, white shrimp, all competing to find just the right location in the flow of superheated water. Cameron and the mission scientists consider the correlations between life under water and the life we may one day find in outer space.
Cameron takes us on another incredible journey..

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"Never Seen Before" -- Filmmaker James Cameron films an unknown creature deep below the surface of the ocean.

"Shrimp Food" -- White shrimp encompass an underwater pod.

"Octopus" -- An octopus attaches itself to the pod.

"Chimneys" -- The crew dangerously approach underwater chimneys which produce intense heat.

"Beautiful Structure" -- The crew discovers a unique, tree-like structure.


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