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Jude Law, Nia Long, Marisa Tomei, Sienna Miller, Susan Sarandon, Omar Epps, ane Krakowski, Adoni Maropis, Marjan Neshat, Kevin Rahm

Directed by: Charles Shyer
Written by: Elaine Pope, Charles Shyer
Produced by: Diana Phillips, Elaine Pope, Charles Shyer

US: 22 OCT 2004
UK: 22 OCT 2004

Alfie is the ultimate Ladykiller. He is wonderfully successful with women. He also rarely gets emotionally involved with them. He has a series of reversals in which his health is threatened, he has a child who is adopted by another man, gets a married woman pregnant and must procure an abortion for her, and when he decides to settle down is rejected for a younger man.
Clearly there is a project about to remake all of Michael Caine's movies. This is the one that really put him on the map of the swinging 60s London. It will be intersting to see how they cope with the changing times when unmarried mothers, sleeping around and other 'wild' affairs are just routine.

31 July/Moviebus:Tomei for 'Alfie' remake with Jude Law
23 July/Moviebus:'Alfie' remake with Jude Law, Nia Long

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