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The Rock crashes into 'Spy Hunter'
Billy Crystal hosts Oscars again
Billy Crystal hosts Oscars again
Hopkins gets star in Hollywood
Laura Linney back to college in new rule
2003 Emmy winners
Diane Lane in "Need"
Tom Wilkinson big "Fan" of Wilde
Rings saga opens in London
Toronto winners named as Fest ends
Affleck/J.Lo wedding day blues?
New Batman is Bale, man
Cruise joins the RAF
Knightley joins oscar winner in The Jacket
Toronto debut's Altman's 'Company
Matchstick Men light up Toronto
TV's Firefly lands on big screen
Dafoe dives into Aquatic with Blanchett
Young stars up for the new Batman
Aspen Film Fest ready to roll
Hampton's Argentine flick booed at Venice
'Kill Bill' split avoids Oscar clash
Bill Murray translates well in Venice

Archer joins Tommy Lee Jones in 'Cheer' comedy
Parker Posey gets into 'Trinity'
Michelle Williams cast in Wim Wenders' project
Mel Gibson turns to crime for saga
Watts has 'Kong' in palm of hand
Thora Birch rides into 'Silver City'
Bratt purr...loins role in 'Catwoman'
Astin, Potts Rocking with 'Elvis'
'Exorcist' prequel loses 2nd director
Daly, Mathis team to helm indie 'Bereft'
`Wrestling star Triple H pins first film roles
Film-Savvy Savannah is luring filmmakers
Washington in 'Manchurian Candidate' remake
'Once Upon a Time in Mexico'tops US BO
Lou Diamond Phillips looks back on career
Omar Sharif boycotts stupid film roles
Hopkins set for honours at Hollywood Fest
Polson game for 'Hide & Seek' with De Niro
Barrymore makes 'Date' with DreamWorks
Film is not truth! Amazing claims by Blanchett
Latest Hollywood Script Deals
The Who Unleashing Kids on DVD
Chloe Sevigny Reigns Over Film Fest Circuit
French fund Stone's costly epic
Italy relives Moro murder in Bellocchio flick
'Angels' director extends studio deal
Sanchez Schooling 'Underclassman'
Pacino's "Scarface" returns to cinemas
Movie mogul De Laurentiis gets Golden Lion
Miramax tracks Roth's new novel 'Animal'
'Nemo' propels summer BO to Record
Telluride Embraces New Directors
Coelho finds formula for 'Alchemist'

WorldNet Daily
Michael & Me
Did Michael Moore deceive Academy?

E! Online
Aloha, Magnum P.I. for big screen
"Dickie Roberts" wham-O'd
Winona Ryder ditches Woody Allen

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