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Bill Paxton to play Thunderbird puppet
McDormand, Nicholson in laffer together
BBC miniseries makes big screen
Soderbergh wires in Matt Damon
To the Batmobile for Memento director
Sigourney Weaver pays tribute in 'The Guys'
Chicago & New York lead 2003 BAFTA noms
Ricci & Ribisi to work in movie about movies
Peter O'Tooles up for Oscar
'Se7en' director to skateboard movie
The Rock in remake of 'Walking Tall'
Goldmember director remakes 'The Party'
US Directors Guild announces 5 for its 55th
Dick Wolf shows'Twin Towers' at Sundance
Winona steals role with Ray Romano
Downey from Sing Sing to Singing Detective
Variety bans anti-Kinsey ad
Complete list of Golden Globe winners
Time for 'The Hours' at Golden Globes
Actor Richard Crenna dies at 76
Oliver Stone shows true colours
Morgan Freeman debuts Levity at Sundance
The Simpsons go on till 2005 at least
Affleck bounces into 'Paycheck' new flick
Cruise wins $10 mil gay slur judgement
Neil Jordan sails to Troy for epic
Kidman to play Hollywood Madam
Internet first for Darkness Falls
Vardalos in for TV My Big Fat Greek Life
Clooney, Soderbergh in for Oceans 12
Robin Williams returns to comedy flicks
Director Sonnenfeld fired from Carrey flick
Travolta to climb 'Ladder 49' with Pheonix
Thunderbirds are finally go
Connelly & Bettany marry
Minghella to head BFI
Brad Pitt goes mad over Alcatraz
Halle Berry goes nuts for flick
Bruce Willis loses meory for next flick
'Traffic' producer moves onto legal drug
'The Gangs' all here for London prem
Star Wars 3 gears up for production
Master Cinematographer Conrad Hall dies
Awards season gets into swing
Big London F/X house loses major movie to Calif.

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