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Jessica Alba proves she's a honey
Superman flies with Keanu in tights?
Jessica Alba is a real 'Honey'
Harry Potter fans book prem tickets
Hanks remakes Ealing classic with Coens
Gladiator sequel on the cards
Albert Finney, Friends win big at Emmys
Mel Gibson gets religion with Christ movie
Pulitzer novelist to write Spider-Man sequel
Halle Berry 'Set-Up' for 1949 flick remake
Winslet & Mendes step out on Road prem
JK Rowling wins US plagiarism suit
Hounsou is slave to work in Four Feathers
LL Cool J does 'swat' is best in tv cop remake
Kurt Russell in warm Ice Hockey flick
Hitchhikers Guide for big screen
Loud buzz for Caine in 'Quiet American'
Jolie good show for Angelina
De Palma releases noirish Femme Fatale
Hoskins, Hopper, Lange get Spain awards
Bruce Willis in Me Again thriller
De Niro researching sexy science scripts
Hitler was only human - apparently
Big Screen version of American Idol
007 acts as producer on 'Evelyn'
Olivia William into the flying Pan
'Kissing Jessica Stein' director goes blonde
Four Feathers remake is strictly PC
Scot wins Venice best pic
Pfeiffer bemons no good roles for women
Cruise eyes remake of Hong Kong hit
Matt Dillon direct 'City of Ghosts'
Blond 2 ambition for Reese Witherpoon
Paltrow likes Englishmen after all
It's Life In Venice after all
Original Cape Fear Brit director dies

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