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McKellan would like to be in a Hobbit
Is Rudy flick to be filmed in Montreal!
Is Harris's stand-in new Dumbledore?
Potter kids still tight with each other
Radcliffe not so potty over fourth Potter
Richard Harris dies aged 72
George Harrison get Brit film honour
Julia Margulies goes from ER to PR
Kidman steps up for Stepford Wives
Godfather makes offer studio can't refuse
Miramax honchos get Brit flick honour
Robin Williams in Good Morning Afghaaaan
Lord of Rings exhibit off on world tour
Naomi gets a star Wattsage in The Ring
Barbie Bond girl hits shelves
'Scream' team gets cursed this time
Richard Harris hospitalized with cancer
Turbo charged Diesel mobbed in London
Cruz has her 'Head in the Clouds'
Willis to die hard yet again
Gangs warfare breaks out again
D.C. sniper to cut off Phone Booth flick?
Connery sues for $17 million
Scorsese finally rolls out Gangs
Tinsel Town does 'Dallas' remake
Madonna & Ritchie sued over Swept Away
Literary classics up for grabs in Hollywood
London museum pays homage to 007
Nosferatu stalks Star Trek:Nemesis
Harry Potter discovers sex
Dunst joins Winslet in mindless flick
Potter 2 prem set for London
Banderos to play Pancho Villa
Billy Bob plays Davey Crockett at the Alamo
Tarantino to adapt Kill Bill as vid game
Sir Dickie gets Taffywood studios okay
Val Kilmer plays real life porn star

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