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Commies approve of 'The Quiet American'
Karel Reisz dies aged 74
C&W song inspires great new movie
DiCaprio explodes 'Bombshell' with Lasse
LA court hears DVD copying lawsuit
Stewart says Star Trek may boldly go on
Denzel for Manchurian Candidate remake
Beckinsale goes goth in Drac, Wolfman flick
Spielberg's Adventures of Tintin
Bonham Carter closes London Film Fest
De Niro to direct Dicaprio in 'Good Shepard'
Ben Affleck voted 'Sexiest Man Alive'
London misses out on Lord 2 world prem
First Afghan war flick in works
Bond world prem rocks London
James Coburn dies aged 74
Spike Lee gets special BAFTA award
Soderbergh wins battle of Clooney's butt
Crowe gets in brawl at London cafe
Potter 2 already hacked onto internet
Halle Berry in for Bond spin-off?
Potter UK sneak previews earn 8.3 mil
Swept Away swept straight to UK video
Clooney fights to keep butt in Solaris
Witherspoon explores antarctic in flick
Kidman goes to the dogs 3 times
Berry had trouble keeping up with Bond
Ryder refuses to take stand in court
Laura Linney/Bill Murray in odd comedy flick
London gows potty at Potter world prem
Aging Bull De Niro gets AFI award

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