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Monday 25 - Sunday 31 March
'Cyber Love Story'from ID4 producers
Hugh Grant can't seduce women anymore
Billy Wilder dies aged 95
Dudley Moore dies aged 66
2 sep DVD editions of 'Lord Of The Rings'
James Cameron remakes 'Fantastic Voyage'
Samuel Jackson plays with his Lightsaber
'In The Bedroom' star hits T3 bigtime
'Beautiful Mind' wins big at Oscars
At last, Black is Beautiful at Oscars

Monday 18- Sunday 24 March
Tom Green wins year's Worst Film award
Memento wins as Independent Spirit awards
Chris Carter pulled plug on X-Files
'Exorcist' prequel to shoot in England soon
Carter pulled X-Files plug
'Apollo 13' blown up to IMAX screen
'Le Divorce' French style for Ivory
'70s Show' star in 'The Butterfly Effect'
Law, Kidman, Zellweger make movie
Ron Howard to re-fight The Alamo
Richard Curtis to direct Hugh Grant
Arise Sir Ben Kingsley
Knight Rider races for Big Screen
Eddie Murphy's a haunted man
Mister Oscar goes to Washington
'A Beautiful Mind' producers paranoid?

Monday 11- Sunday 17 March
E.T. gets 20 year makeover
Madonna to sing Bond 20 theme
Tarantino casts Liu & Hannah in 'Kill Bill'
Brosnan still on ice in Iceland
Albert Brooks joins Michael Douglas in remake'
English language version of Besson's 'Taxi'
Bond Title - 'Die Another Day'

Monday 4 - Sunday 10 March
'Bring Me The Head of Benico Del Toro'
Lone Schifering makes Wilbur' in Glasgow
Mike Myers to don Dr. Seuss's Cat Hat'
Lone Ranger to the rescue'
Lone Ranger to the rescue'
Amelie wins French Oscars'
Gosford Park script wins writer's award

Friday 1 - Sunday 3 March
Robert Downey is 'The Singing Delective'
Heath Ledger in 'Sin Eater'
Washington hits heights with $20 mil
Frances O'Connor in Crichton's 'Timeline'
Miramax to remake 'The Seven Samurai'

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