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JULY 2002

Big Jack's back for rom-com
Rookie director to storm 'The Alamo'
Emma Thompson in Argentina set thriller
Soderbergh's 'Solaris' blasts off early
Curtis rounds up cast fro 'Love Actually'
Crichton nabs $5 mil 'Prey' day
Luhrmann, De Laurentis red hot in Alex
Pitt, Blanchett nice for Pi director
Stiller goes to hell
English finally give up listening to Scots
Coens producing Turturro screen musical
Cuaron to direect Harry Potter 3
Go Yeoh, Michelle produces 'The Touch'
Brits move so Oscar's still after Bafta
Thuderbirds are so go for big screen
Jolie & Thornton...The Odd Couple split
Ford, Flockhart steppin' out officially
Alien, Predator fight till death and credits
Scanners explodes back onto big screen
Mark Hammill takes Steigers last role
Hanks plays evil in Mendes new flick
Madonna plays first lesbian Bond girl
Crowe may ride out of The Alamo
Both 'Matrix' sequels released in 2003
Madonna makes cameo in Bond movie
Rod Steiger dies aged 77
Mike Myers to shoot the Moon - who better?
Superman Vs Batman - battle on dudes
Sharon Stone hot on two new indie flicks
John Frankenheimer dies at 72
Egoyan'a Toronto opener has 9/11 insight
Julia Roberts weds on Indpendence Day
Hollywood gets into Xmas spirit already
Aniston calls halter on topless pix lawsuit
Vin Diesel in 'Knockaround Boys'
Ed Harris joins Bob Dylan's ensemble flick

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