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Monday 25 - Thursday 28
War movies explode thru Hollywood
Tom Cruise signs for 'Last Samurai'
Russell Crowe goes mental at BAFTAs
Baftas soggy in middle

Monday 18- Sunday 24
Bugs Bunny creator Chuck Jones dies
Kristina Loken joins Arnie as female Terminatrix
Sean Connery in 'Extraordinary Gentlemen'
'Superman Lives' - new flick on... again
Neil LaBute conceives new Zellweger project
Bond down with dodgy knee
Roberts backs Washington for actor Oscar
Roger Deakins wins ASC for Coen's flick
Don Cheadle to direct Elmore Leonard flick
Will Smith's delusional - says he
Arnie terminates T3 Canadian shoot
Mel considers getting Mad again
'Amen' movie is unaccepatble to Pope

Monday 11 - Sunday 17
'Amen' movie is unaccepatble to Pope
Disney plans classic 'toon sequels series
Willis only fights boredom these days
Spacey takes a break from acting
Brits rock in Oscar noms
Tolkien rules Oscar noms with 13
X-Files vet gets picture deal
Tom & Penelope lead Raspberries
Gilliam docu at Berlin fest
Catherine Denueuve in '8 Femmes'
Oscar noms may have surprises

Monday 4 - Sunday 10
Morrisette's Scotland PA, updates Hamlet
Madonna sings for Bond 20
Hugh Grant written into Jones 2
Mayor Giuliani attends Arnie prem
WGA noms announced
Steven Soderbergh turns to corporate crime
Heaven opens Berlin Film Fest
Warren Beatty gets life achievement
WGA nixes 2 great screenplays
Blanchett opens Berlin Fest
'Harry Potter' DVD out May
Roman Polanski acts in Polish movie
Demme had coke in system
Cruise heads Hollywood power list
Whoopi Goldberg loses Oscar
Rob Schneider becomes insurance man
'Amelie' dominates French 'Oscars'
'His Dark Materials' for big screen
They want De Bont for The Courier
Arnie's Collateral Damage insulting

Friday 1 - Sunday 3
Winona charged...faces 3 years in slammer
OJ's lawyer sells thriller screenplay rights
Powers withdraws his Goldmember for good

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