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Sunday 6th March, 2005
After a few well-deserved post-Oscar days off, Hollywood rolled out the first red carpet for Kevin Costner and Joan Allen , stars of the new big-screen dramady "The Upside of Anger."
"It's a movie about a woman and her four daughters," Costner told Associated Press Television News at the film's premiere on Thursday night. "It could be your life really easily. It's poignant. It's very funny. It's really acidic."

From actor-writer-director Mike Binder (TV's "The Mind of a Married Man"), the film casts Allen as a sharp-witted suburban wife whose husband unexpectedly disappears. Raising four daughters, she's forced to juggle family dynamics and romantic dilemmas.

Veteran character actress Allen is the film's headliner while superstar leading man Costner is second-billed. Allen reveals the role reversal "Mike Binder was acting in 'The Contender,' and I said to Mike one day, 'Show me some of your comedies and would you please keep me in mind?' And he showed me a few tapes of old films that he had done, and he said, 'I will remember this.'"

"And he wrote this part for me. So I'm glad I opened my mouth."

Costner, however, was no mere afterthought. Binder also had him in mind as he wrote the male lead: a bombed-out, burned-out, past-his-prime sports star. Think the guy in "Bull Durham" 15 years and many cases of Jack Daniels later.

Master thespian Allen said Costner gladly checked his superstar persona at the door. "We had a wonderful time," she noted. "I mean, he was such a team player, and he's so wonderful in the part: charming and funny and rich."

And he was playing his age: 50, as of a few weeks ago. How does that milestone feel for Costner?

"Well, I got my oxygen behind me," he joked. "Wanna arm wrestle?"

The filmmakers are hoping "Anger" will reach beyond the stars' middle-aged fan bases and into the hearts of family members of all ages.

"It's good movie stuff," Costner said. "You know, you come out of it and you feel good about it. It's what movies can do."
"Nice upsides! lady "

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