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Saturday 18 September, 2004
Former Angel David Boreanaz and Henry Thomas are heading to "The Hard Easy," an indie film shooting in Los Angeles. .
The story centres around two shlubs who attempt to rob a jewelry store on the same day. Boreanaz (the WB's "Angel") plays Roger, an unlucky, unethical stock trader and Princeton graduate who agrees to rob the jewelry store with a team in order to cover losses that could put him in jail.

Thomas ("E.T. - the Extraterrestrial") plays Paul, a lowlife gambler who is attempting to do the same thing in an effort to pay off his gambling debts.

Vera Farmiga ("The Manchurian Candidate") will play an attractive, worldy woman who is trying to get revenge on Paul for her father's death. Bruce Dern ("Coming Home" and Laura's dad) will play a former military man who is part of the robbery team.

The project marks the feature directorial debut of Ari Ryan

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