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Tuesday 22th June, 2004
Kevin Bacon and Colin Firth have signed to star in arty Canadian filmmaker Atom Egoyan 's film noir "Somebody Loves You," producers said Monday.
The project is based on the Rupert Holmes novel "Where the Truth Lies," and explores the "underbelly of fame, fortune and the mores of sexual convention," according to Robert Lantos of Serendipity Point Films.

The film is slated to go before cameras in late August with locations in Toronto, London and Los Angeles.

Lantos and Egoyan have teamed on such films as "Ararat," "Felicia's Journey," "The Sweet Hereafter" and "Exotica."

"Of all my collaborations with Atom Egoyan, it is my favorite. It is in-your-face, provocative and, at the same time, delightfully intelligent," said Lantos.

Bacon was recently in theaters with "Mystic River," while Firth starred in "Love Actually."

"For the millionth time pal, I have a Bacon number of one"

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