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Friday 21st May, 2004
Big time producers Arnold and Anne Kopelson have set up the psychological thriller "Decoy" at New Regency.
Jon Amiel is to direct from a rewrite by "The Shield" creator Shawn Ryan.

Production will begin in November. The Kopelsons are best known for top notch commercial hits like Se7en and Devil's Advocate.

Originally adapted by Stephen Schiff from the Tony Strong-penned Doubleday novel "The Decoy," project is set in the world of fidelity decoys, where women test the resolve of their mates by hiring beautiful strangers to come on to them.

One female decoy becomes involved in an assignment that involves deceit and murder.

"We have wanted to work with Jon Amiel for many years, but the schedules never coincided, and we are also fans of Shawn's writing and what he has accomplished with 'The Shield,' " Kopelson said. English-born Amiel is best known for Copycat, The Man Who Knew Too Little, Entrapment and The Core.

The Kopelson's bought the book several years ago in a preemptive buy before a publisher was secured. The producers brought the project to New Regency, where production prexy Sanford Panitch made the deal.

Regency veep Stacy Maes will oversee the film with Kopelson Entertainment production prexy Sherryl Clark.

"Don't worry dear - the false beard's only a decoy"

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