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Wednesday 21st April, 2004
Hollywood stars Uma Thurman and Daryl Hannah were greeted by hundreds of fans at the British premiere of Quentin Tarantino's martial arts film "Kill Bill: Vol.2" on Tuesday.
They signed autographs and worked the crowds before a special screening of the movie, which topped the North American box office this week.

The film earned mixed reviews before it sold $25.6 million worth of tickets in its first three days in North America over the weekend. The film's stars shared the red carpet in London's Leicester Square with Rebecca Loos, the woman who said she had an affair with David Beckham.

Loos, 26, posed for photographs but made no comment to reporters. Beckham has dismissed his former personal assistant's claims as "ludicrous."

The kung-fu sequel stars Thurman as The Bride, a deadly assassin, who seeks revenge from her former boss, played by David Carradine , and his Deadly Viper Assassination Squad.

"It is a dream come true," Thurman told reporters after meeting the crowds. "We have worked so hard on this all year -- it is wonderful."

Rolling Stone magazine called it "a blast of pure movie oxygen" while the Chicago Sun-Times said it was "an exuberant celebration of movie-making." Tarantino made his name with the acclaimed films "Pulp Fiction" (1994) and "Reservoir Dogs" (1992).

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