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Wednesday 17th March, 2004
"Without a Trace" TV star Enrique Murciano is ready to make his mark on the big screen, signing on to star as Sandra Bullock 's love interest in "Miss Congeniality 2."
Bullock's character, FBI Special Agent Gracie Hart, heads to Las Vegas on a new case with a fellow agent, played by Regina King.

Murciano will play a liaison with the Las Vegas bureau of the FBI who falls for Hart after recently being dumped by his own girlfriend. Heather Burns and William Shatner also star.

Director John Pasquin ("The Santa Clause") starts shooting the Warner Bros. project next month in Los Angeles, followed by New York and Las Vegas.

Bullock will again produce from a script by Marc Lawrence, who also penned the original Donald Petrie-directed film. Budgeted in the $45 million range, the first installment cleared $100 million at the domestic box office. Murciano had a small part in two previous big-screeners "Traffic" and "Black Hawk Down."

"I'll have a hand in producing as well"

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