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Tuesday January 27th, 2004
Barbra Streisand is reading a script for a possible role in "Meet the Fockers", the sequel to 2000's "Meet the Parents," her husband, James Brolin, told the syndicated "Access Hollywood" entertainment TV show.
Most recently Streisand was the hidden hand behind the trash Reagan movie, which was made a entirely at her behest. Though little publicized at the time, insiders maintain that she was the driving force behind every aspect of this public relations disaster for CBS.

Regarding her "Focking" aspirations, "I know she is reading it," Brolin said in an interview that aired Monday. Streisand publicist Dick Guttman said Tuesday nothing had been decided about the part.

If she accepts the role, it would end Streisand's eight-year absence from the screen. Her last film appearance came in "The Mirror Has Two Faces" in 1996. Though the film crew had a more humorous name for the production with "Mirror" replaced with a word that rhymes with "hitch".

Streisand might play the part of Mrs. Focker, the mother of Ben Stiller's character in the film. Dustin Hoffman has been cast to play Mr. Focker.

Stiller is pulling for Streisand to take the role. "My dream is Barbra Streisand," he said.

This is hard to understand, as Streisand has a very well documented reputation for having a monumental ego - and being a pain in the ass to the "little" people who annoy her by not doing everything she says instantly.

"Meet the Parents" starred Stiller as Greg Focker, Teri Polo as Stiller's fiancee, and Robert De Niro and Blythe Danner as Polo's parents. They are slated to return for the sequel.

In case you are wondering, the original movie spelling of the "Focker" name was like that. But there has been an alternative spelling of "Fokker" touted as the studio is worried about causing offence with the original. Well, actually they are worried that it will affect the money they may lose at the Box Office, rather than offending people with young children ans/or families with a word one letter away from an Anglo-Saxon expletive.

"Yes, it's true. I'm a right Focker"

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