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Thursday January 15th, 2004
English thesp Bob Hoskins has moved up in the world to become a god.
The professional cockney is set to play Odin, king of the Norse gods, in the comedy sequel to "The Mask... and that would be 'Son of the Mask' currently shooting.

'Son of the Mask' carries on the premise of a character-altering mask that was established in the 1994 hit starring the then relatively unknown Jim Carrey.

This time around, it follows an aspiring cartoonist (Jamie Kennedy ) who is not ready for fatherhood but finds himself raising a baby endowed with the powers of the mask of Loki, the god of mischief. Loki is played by Scottish actor Alan Cumming. Larry Guterman is directing the New Line project.

Hoskins career spans three decades. He first came to prominence in the UK following the Dennis Potter's groundbreaking 70s TV series 'Pennies From Heaven', followed by a seminal British gangster movie 'The Long Good Friday'.

In the movies he's probably best known for playing Eddie Valiant in 1988's 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?' His other credits include 'Brazil', 'Super Mario Bros'., 'Maid in Manhattan' and the upcoming 'Vanity Fair' and 'Stay'. He is finishing shooting 'Beyond the Sea'.

"You'd think a God would choose a more Brad Pittish mug. But you'd be wrong."

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